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Load-bearing PUR insulated
wall panels for self-builders

PANELO Strong SIP panel system is created for self-builders. You can create different self-build projects with simple 3 standard size panel system. Easy to lift and carry. Easy to connect or cut. Panels are extremely strong and suitable for building a house, cottage or garage.

PANELO STRONG SIP panels are available in 3 standard sizes and in 2 thicknesses:

  • 1,2 x 2,5 m, thickness 175 and 145 mm
  • 0,9 x 2,5 m, thickness 175 and 145 mm
  • 06 x 2,5 m, thickness 175 and 145 mm

Fast and easy installation

1. Install sole plate (timber)

2. Start from corner
fixing the first panel

3. Install the second
corner panel and fix panels
to each other

4. Install rest of the panels

5. Install lintels for
windows and doors



Installation Guide